The Lobster Shack Tasmania opened in 2017 as new business providing a unique and enticing Tasmanian seafood experience not seen anywhere else in the state. 

The idea for the Lobster Shack came about through Marcus and Sara’s vision to expand their existing business Trigonia – which currently operates as a live Southern Rock Lobster export processing facility – into a farm-gate experience, allowing people to enjoy their premium seafood products on site. 

Marcus and Sara became aware that visitors to the region were often seeking ready-to-eat, fresh local seafood, but were finding it surprisingly difficult to source. 

The business is currently in a period of exciting transformation from a modest fresh seafood retail outlet, to an inviting dine-in and take-away restaurant, featuring an educational tourism experience that tells the history of the Tasmanian seafood—in particular, the lobster industry.

Sara and Marcus are currently hard at work, overseeing a major redevelopment of the existing site, which includes a new dining area, beautifully presented aquariums to feature live lobster and fish, as well as a small maritime museum and viewing deck overlooking Bicheno’s iconic Gulch.