The Lobster Shack Tasmania opened in 2017 as a new business providing a unique Tasmanian seafood experience not seen anywhere else in the state.  

The idea for the Lobster Shack came about through Marcus and Sara’s vision to expand their existing business Trigonia – which currently operates as a live Southern Rock Lobster export processing facility – into a farm-gate experience, allowing people to enjoy their premium seafood products on site.  

Marcus and Sara became aware that visitors to the region were often seeking ready-to-eat, fresh local seafood, but were finding it surprisingly difficult to source. 

As a result of its success and popularity, the Lobster Shack has undergone significant growth to keep up with demand. Customers are now able to enjoy the ocean-to-plate Tasmanian seafood experience from the two indoor levels or on the wrap around deck.  

Marcus and Sara both hail from Tasmanian fishing families and have been entrenched in the aquaculture industry their whole lives. 

Sara’s grandparents, Peter and Una Rockliff, have over 60 years’ experience in the Tasmanian seafood industry, including the establishment of the highly successful and internationally renowned Petuna Aquaculture.  

Find out more about where Sara’s love of seafood began here: http://www.petuna.com.au/our-story/

Sara’s first job was in Petuna’s retail outlet, following which she completed a traineeship in business operations. Her passion for business and aquaculture has driven her decision to focus her sights on the creation and success of the Lobster Shack.

Marcus has grown up on the East Coast and completed his Diploma in Aquaculture at the University of Tasmania. He went on to work in aquaculture for many years before taking on the family business, Trigonia, in 2013.

During their first date in 2015, at Launceston’s Stillwater Restaurant, the pair quickly realised they had a lot in common, including mutual friends, a love of the ocean and a family connection to Tasmania’s fishing and seafood industry. Their paths, as it turned out, had crossed several times already. Sara was surprised to learn that Marcus had already met her dad in a professional capacity several times. The two hit it off and have been a dynamic team ever since.

The couple is deeply rooted in the local community and is committed to investing in the region. Furthermore, the fact that Marcus and Sara were both born and bred in Tasmania means their local knowledge and passion for promoting everything the state has to offer is inherent in everything they do.